Here at Allermuir Home, we are sustainability-driven. It's our mission to constantly review and reflect upon our impact on the world. Creating where possible new and innovative methods to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure the planet can continue to be a beautiful place.

We ensure that sustainable thinking is incorporated into everything we design, create, and produce, whether that be during the making of our products or the delivery of each item. We encourage sustainable behaviours and constantly look for better ways to reduce our impact through renewable energy, alternative fuel and greater efficiency.

In 2009 The Senator Group built Sustain. Our very own specialist recycling division located in Lancashire, England. It is here that we recycle all our Allermuir waste. We also recycle waste from thousands of other businesses across the UK, from packaging and materials to old pieces of furniture. Sustain helps others improve their sustainability efforts and diverts tonnes of redundant furniture from going into landfill.

And we don't stop there! We recycle all of the five major materials used in modern furniture design and also re-manufacture items where possible to give new life to old products. Once this process is complete, we offer our repurposed creations to charities and local communities.


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