Studio styling with Luke Arthur Wells

How we worked with Luke Arthur Wells on reshaping his design studio to create a dedicated yet multi-functional workspace.

In December we worked with Luke Arthur Wells on reshaping his studio to create a dedicated yet multi-functional workspace. As many of us are now working from home it has become more essential to separate our work lives from our everyday spaces.

Luke said, "It's transformed my relationship with work and means that I can take on so much more, so despite it being an extra expense to fork out for, I’m so happy we did it."

For the studio, Luke had a specific piece of furniture in mind. He was looking for a piece that offered open-shelving, whilst combining an integrated desk space. When Luke discovered our Crate desk, it seemed the perfect piece for his multi-use space.   

Luke opted for the Crate Compact desk with upstand and shelving in a mix of Sand and Walnut. The steel frame is powder-coated in a beautiful beige finish, with inset shelving, a desk and an upstand at the back all in the walnut. It’s a super comfortable size for one person to use, and while Luke has used it as a way to carve up space as the studio is quite large, it’s perfect for slotting into an alcove and can be securely fixed to the wall. 

To finish the work area Luke paired the desk perfectly with the Kin Chair, designed by PearsonLloyd, in all black - a sleek plastic chair with wooden legs to give it just that edge of luxury.

Alongside these pieces, Luke also styled up our Tub. What is the Tub I hear you ask? Well, it’s a beautiful piece of multi-functional furniture which can act as a plant stand, decoration, side table, storage, whatever you want really. A handy piece to have around. The possibilities with it are wide and open, so stay tuned with Luke Arthur Wells to see how he styles up his savvy storage.


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